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12:53 AM
Tag Management : Bydefault Folder


Currently it is pointing to the first folder in the tag management.(Asset Properties)

How can I  point to a particular folder from the 'http://localhost:4502/tagging' while tagging.

ie on click of PageProperties --> Basic --> Tags/Keyword.




12:23 AM
Bounce rate in Data Warehouse


I need to pull up a report in data warehouse which will give me bounce rate

I am aware this metric is not available directly and suggested to use Single Access/Entries.

However I do not see the metric Entries either in Data Warehouse

Please advise

07:18 AM
Google Analytics Snippet


i've configured a google analytics snippet using Generic Analytics Snippet in CloudServices section.

The html rendered is:

<div class="servicecomponents cloudservices">
<div class="cloudservice generictracker">ù
   <script type="text/javascript">    // snippet code  


Is it possible to change the html rendered? In head section generally <div> tags are not used.



07:07 AM
AEM Hybris Integration


Am doing the integration of AEM & Hybris. I've followed the steps provided to import outdoors data from hybris as given in the adobe docs.

It works fine via defaul hybris importer UI console. 


When i try to import products via REST api call through a code in AEM for products we configured, it has thrown access denied. 

Even the direct access from browser https://localhost:9002/rest/v1/outdoors/products/export/full throws access denied error. I got the access tocken via password grant & configured in browser authorization header as well. 

I think the default hybris connection pass username & password & get the token, does the same authorization via OAuthHandler class.

Would like to understand how the http://localhost:4502/etc/importers/hybris.html able to import products as it's using the same DefaultHybrisConnection & OauthHandler class.

Also, what needs to be done to resolve this Access denied issue for password grant.



03:21 AM
remove file name from the url


I have page

I want to elimnate the file name "Top-Laptop-Brands.html" from the url to become  and by default open the same this url , Is it realted to server cpanel redirect  ???

Thank you

03:52 PM
Where Did Classification Importer Go?

I've recently discovered that Classification Importer is no longer in the Admin section of Omniture. Does anyone know where I can access this?




05:15 PM
Searching Test and Target for URL Reference

I have recently taken over a Test and Target configuration with hundreds of Campaigns, Offers and Locations.  I am attempting to reconcile URL file references and confirm that references to old websites on an asset server are removed.

I am not seeing a means of Searching across campaigns, offers and locations to wildcard search html content for specific references.  I likewise do not see a means to export these entries, whereby a grep could be performed and narrow down specific outdated references.

Does anyone know how to wildcard content search or export to help in performing this task?


10:31 AM
Trouble using Firefox?

Hi - I'm having some difficulty using Firefox when logging into Adobe Analytics.  After logging in, I get no content and the dashboard shows{{'segmentStackingTooltipText'|l10n}}.  It appears to be throwing numerous jQuery errors in the browser.

Are others having trouble as well?

Thanks, Joe

06:16 PM
Adobe Social Applications - Deprecation Fact Sheet

In recent years, Facebook has moved away from tab applications as the way brands run campaigns on its platform, like contests and sweepstakes, and focused on creating valuable consumer experiences with highly sharable, personal content. Apps are not a part of Facebook’s strategy and are slowly being deprecated and de-emphasized. In April, Adobe plans to deprecate tab applications in Adobe Social, refocusing on features and functionality that enhance the user experience in the News Feed.

For more details and customer facing information, please see the Applications Deprecation Fact Sheet at


12:24 PM
DTM: Google Analytics Tool

I have created a property that includes multiple domains, because I need a single set-up for Adobe Analytics.  My question is, can I use the Google Analytics "tool" if I need the different domains to go into different GA accounts? It seems that you can't tell the tool exactly which domain to fire on, and it will only use one account.

Am I not seeing something, or is the best workaround for this shortcoming to create domain-driven page load rules and just loading the code provided by Google?

04:04 AM
Adobe Experience Manager ClientContext geolocation on publish

I have problem with ClientContext in publish. Most specifically this javascript code on a page:

var geolocationStore = CQ_Analytics.ClientContextMgr.getRegisteredStore("geolocation");

Geolocation store is not working in publish mode while in author works, and stores like facebook, or marketing work on both, author and publish.

Can you please tell me if i missed something, because everything except this seems to be ok.

01:33 PM
using Target to split outside-US traffic from US

Does anyone has any thoughts about using Adobe Target to split outside-USA traffic and direct them to a different website? Is this a good use case for the product?

01:35 PM
HTTP Status 500 - Unknown action mapping for: entity.recommendations.upload

Hi Everyone, i have in the past created successful custom recommendations to manually override products of my choice. But in the past few weeks, when i follow this code to upload this script to add products its throwing the HTTP status 500 - unknown action mapping error.

I am literally adding my client name and defining host group as production & giving my client token & its throwing this apache error. 






04:11 AM
Sending information about test and experiences to Adobe Analytics?


I'd like to pass information about what campaign and experience a user is receiving from Target, into Analytics for later analysis. I believe there is a way to make a call to target on a page, to receive those information. However, I can't find any information about it.

Does anyone here have experience doing this, and can guide me in the right direction?



09:11 AM
AEM_FRM_001_006:resourceResolver is Null

If the FormsService.renderPDFForm("crx:///content/xyz.xdp",...) is called with an xdp stored within the repository (using the crx://.... path), the FormsService retrieves that xdp from the repository using a ResourceResolver inherited from the context of the current request. This works fine, if we are in a servlet request context.

But if the call takes place in a different context, i.e. some arbitrary service (in my case a sling health check service), there is no ResourceResolver. This leads to the error   AEM_FRM_001_006:resourceResolver is Null which occures within the com.adobe.forms.aem.impl.RepositoryServiceImpl.

Other rendering services like the OutputService.generatePdfOutput(...) can be called not only by a string parameter to define a path of an xdp but also by a Document object containing the xdp. This allows the repository access to happen outside the rendering service and so the ResourceResolver can be handled under control of the calling programm.

The FormsService.renderPdfForm does not offer such a variant. Also it does not offer any possibility to hand in a ResourceResolver (at least as far I can see). 

Is there a possibility to somehow put an ResourceResolver into the FormsService?

Or is there a possibility to avoid the need of an ResourceResolver (but still be able to use xdp's stored within the repository)?

Aa allways, any help is appreciated :-)



01:26 PM
Missing posts after technical difficulties

Last week the forum reported technical difficulties. Now its up and running again, but it seems that there are numerous posts lost. Will they be restored?

01:09 PM
AAM Uniques Compared to Analytics Unique Visitors

For some traits, I'm seeing that the unique visitor volume in Audience Manager is as low as 50% of the volume that we're seeing in Adobe Analytics. Is that normal or does that seem to low? I know that AAM doesn't accept visitors with 3rd party cookies, so I'm sure the discrepancy varies by industry.


Are there any other reasons besides tagging mistakes and 3rd party cookies as to why there would be a discrepancy? 


Thanks in advance,


10:46 AM
How to include ARES certificate in a package

We are building a solution where an AEM Forms based render service has to be deployed over several stages (dev, test, integration, acceptance, production). The deployment has to be automatted. The AEM package mechanism is the base to accomplish that. We are generating packages within our maven build process as it is common practice in the AEM world. This works fine so far.

But how to handle the ARES cerificates? The certificate has to be associated to a user. So we created a technical user, gave him the keystore with certificate (as described in Then we created an eclipse content structure based on that content (something like jcr_root/home/users/a/ares_technical_user/....) This content we included in our build job and it worked fine as long as we worked with clones of the development AEM where we originally created the user. But when importing the package on a different AEM instance (a basic publish node), the user was not recreated full functioning. In the "Edit User Settings" dialog the entry "Manage Keystore" is missing and the log shows an exception:

*ERROR* [ [1418223576999] GET /home/users/a/ares_technical_user.ks.json HTTP/1.1] Unable to retrieve the truststore's aliases.
java.lang.SecurityException: com.adobe.granite.crypto.CryptoException: Cannot convert byte data
        at com.adobe.granite.keystore.internal.KeyStoreServiceImpl.extractStorePassword(    

When trying to applyUsageRights with that user, the exception is nearly the same. The keystore does not survive the deployment. It seems, that the different instance is not able to decrypt the keystore content (which i guess is a meaningful security feature).

So what is the recommended way to automatically deploy an ARES certificate? Has someone done that in a project?

Any help is appreciated


09:52 AM
Importing XFA form into AEM, change event hander doesn't fire


I have an XFA form with a change event handler on a field.  When the form is rendered as a PDF and opened in Reader, the change event handler works fine.

However, when importing the XFA into AEM forms, adding the field to the AEM form works, but the change event doesn't fire when it is supposed to.  I had a change listener setup on a drop-down list.  I tried the simple case of a javascript pop-up on any change, but no luck.

Are change events supported this way in AEM?  Is there documentation describing what type of event handling is supported?

Thank you

07:00 AM
Design architecture for page translation

I want to design an architecure illustration below:

As a result there are some questions waiting for me:

a)How to collect these pages message to generate XML file(Because i find the page of part block reference to other template);

b)How to merge multi-page to one XML file

c)If parse XML okey, how to store target translated file message for target page (In other word, maybe some translated message need to store special somewhere, right?)


Above of all, i am new to AEM and ensure the architecture correctly, so that each process walk on a right way.

Anyone expert could help gvie constructive suggestion? Thanks a lot in advance.


03:19 PM
Unable to sort in Ad Hoc Analysis

When I'm using Ad Hoc Analysis, I try to create a ranked report with different segments as the rows and metrics across the columns.  I am able to view the table like I'd expect, however the sort feature seems to disappear.  If I put dates (day, week, month, etc) or other dimensions in the row the sort feature is there. I attached two different screen shots to see the missing sort arrows. Does anyone else have this issue?


01:15 PM
Not able to automate report delivery with CSV attachment.

I cannot create scheduled reports with data as email attachment.

Even when I select the option, I get only the notification. I have to go and manually download the report.


How to make the attachments work.

10:18 AM
mboxPC/pcid functionality doesn't appear to work

Hi - we have a test that spans 2 different browsers - the 1st is IE that powers a desktop application and the 2nd is the user's default browser. The test starts inside IE and finishes on the user's 2nd browser. We've read all the documentation that is available (which isn't much) for doing this kind of stuff and we're tried every permutation of setting mBoxSession, mBoxPC and nothing seems to work. At best the functionality seems to work intermittently. When the user's pcID and session ID are matched across browsers I'd expect to see conversion activity attributed to the campaign but it's not.

Anyone on here had experience with this?

Thanks, Richard