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07:33 AM
Implement SSO & LDAP with With 6.0

Hi All,

Currently working with SSO using AEM 6.0 and want to implement SSO with LDAP for project intranet users.let me know how to work with SSO

05:05 AM
User management in MSM

Hi masters!


I’m involved in a MSM (multisite mgmt.) project in AEM6.

We need to manage different users for each site. I mean, a registered user in siteA, cannot login to siteB. Also, if John Doe registers itself in siteA and siteB, the users have to be different (different passwords, different profiles, etc.). So, I don’t think this should be a permissions/roles issue.

The above means that we need to think in different functionalities to be reviewed/configured/customized (?), like these:

  • User registration (sign up)
  • User login (sign in)
  • Password recovery
  • Newsletter registration

We’ve reviewed the geometrixx examples, and we think these examples are suitable for one site (or shared users for different sites), but not for a MSM scenario (not-shared users).

The documentation about Identity Management [1] refers to geometrixx-outdoors pages, not to the underlying APIs, so it don’t clarify very much.


We would like to know the best approach to implement these requirements. Any idea, help, suggestion… would be very appreciated! Thank you very much!



04:08 AM
SideKick not working properly



while i am in webpage my sidekick is not working properly, i added screenshot of how it is showing when i am in my web page. if anyone knows why this problem occurring pls help me to get rid of from this. 

03:27 PM
Sling Post Servlet 500 Error with Rapid Requests or Slow Network

We're trying to use the SlingPostServlet to save content to a page when an author interacts with various input. For example, we have a checkbox in the authoring environment that will post it's "checked" status every time it is clicked. This works well, except when the user clicks the checkbox rapidly or if the network is sluggish. This causes two or more requests to go out to the same node and at least one of the responses will return a 500 internal server error with the following message - Unable to commit changes to session.

I'm assuming this is happening because the node is locked by the first request when the second request tries to alter the value. Is there any easy way to get around this from the server side? The only solution i've thought of is to use javascript and build a queueing system for the requests on the client side so we only allow one request at a time, but it makes me nervous to queue up data like that.


04:10 AM
Product Finding Method

Hello Dears,

I have an issue with product finding method it's not counting the orders and the revenue.

Can you help me on that

04:24 PM
Block Image Request

We have a 3rd party security scanner tool that crawls our site.  They are filtered out of our data set using our bot rules.  However, we are still billed for all of the server calls even though the traffic is flagged as a bot.  Is there anyway to turn off the image request so we will not be billed for the server calls it generates? 

12:31 PM
UV's and Visits are returning 0 figures

Pageviews appear to be appearing just fine, but UV's and visits are rendering 0 - anybody else having the same issue currently? (see attached)

04:49 PM
Page forward doesn't happen when the file size is larger than 5 mb

1. I have a form with multipart/form-data which posts to a servlet.

2. The servlet processes the request and forwards to a page.

I have written a custom servlet that extends a SlingAllMethodsServlet.

In the servlet I am checking wether it is a multi part 

                List<File> attachedFiles = new ArrayList<File>();

                Map<String, RequestParameter[]> params = request.getRequestParameterMap();
                Map<String, String[]> parameterMap = null;

                for ( Map.Entry<String, RequestParameter[]> pairs : params.entrySet()) 
                    String key = pairs.getKey();

                    if(key.equals("fileName1") || key.equals("fileName2") || key.equals("fileName3"))
                        RequestParameter[] paramArray = pairs.getValue();
                        if(paramArray != null && paramArray.length > 0)
                            RequestParameter param = paramArray[0];
                            InputStream inputStream = param.getInputStream();

                            if(inputStream.available() != 0)
                                final File tempFile = File.createTempFile(PREFIX, SUFFIX);
                                try (FileOutputStream outputStream = new FileOutputStream(tempFile)) 
                                    IOUtils.copy(inputStream, outputStream);

                                forwardToThankYouPage(request, response, thankYouPagePath);






for some reason the  forwardToThankYouPage does not work when the file size is larger than 1 mb. For files of 100bytes the process run's just fine.

Can some one help me figure out.




11:10 AM
How to secure the s_cc & s_sq cookies

Is there a way to encrypt these two cookies using the standard secure flag?  What about httponly?

11:00 PM
Is there any free training for adobe Social ?

We want to know more about Adobe Social. Is there any free tutorial or demo for adobe Social?




03:57 PM

Where and When is training for adobe Social available?



11:57 AM
Adaptive forms sample, data model not displaying

I have installed AEM 6.0 quickstart, and also installed the example described here:

I am able to open the adaptive form for edit, however the adaptive form data model tab (on left hand side) is blank, screenshot attached.  Also, there is a warning: "Unable to generate JSON from Template provided in Adaptive Form.  Please see the server logs for more Information".

I couldn't find further information in the logs.

Has anyone had issues using the sample adaptive form described in the link above?


11:01 AM
How to integrate login module with external user system exposed as RESTful API in AEM 6.0?

I'm researching how to integrate or custom login module in order to work with external user system exposed as RESTful API.

I saw AuthenticationHandler interface but it seems that it only extracts credential from user request. Then build and send the AuthenticationInfo object to CRX login module for authentication & authorization. I stuck in at this point.

Do anyone know a solution for this one in AEM 6.0 ?

thanks and appreciate your help.

12:39 PM
Adobe Social Newsletter for Oct 2014

Check out the October 2014 edition of the Adobe Social Newsletter where we cover:

  • The new Campaign Code Parameters
  • Our new partnership with Bitly
  • What social buzz is saying about this season's lackluster TV shows
  • Ello!
  • And a case study from BET Networks

For more social media news, head on over to our blog.

02:44 PM
Adding data elements to msbox.js via mboxParameters() function

I want to load some data elements into my mbox.js so that I can access them from every mbox. 

The satellite calls are


The interface doesn't provide a syntax for multiple parameters.

08:38 AM
Displays the results of the survey

Hi, everyone! 

Please help to understand what could be the cause of an incorrect display of survey results
We can see the total number of responses, but it is not shown the number of responses and the percentage for each of the options,

In this case, it show for only one (see atach) 

Thanks in advance for your help!


10:22 PM
Social for crisis management?

Looking for creative ways to leverage AS for closely monitor ad-hoc phenomenon and crisis management.

What's the best way to allow users create ad-hoc searches based on random keywords and start doing analysis? Is setting up new buzz report the best way?

05:11 AM
Prepopulation of AEM Form

Hi Folks,

The url details on how to pre-populate the fields of a AEM form, I have a requirement in which the user has to get the query parameter from the url and populate the filed of the form with that query param.

Lets say for example my AEM form is opened with a url such as http://localhost:4502/forms/myaccount.html?productID=HSBCurrentAccount

I need to populate the productID value from the query parameter into a text field in my Form, Note - that my form has a form model (XDP) ref.

For now, I am able to get my query param in my JSP with the code String productID = slingRequest.getParameter("productID");

But I am not able to assign it to the field that I have in my form. I tried with the following jQuery syntax like $('#myFiledInput').value('<%=productID%>'), but in vain

Please let me know if you guys have a way of populating a single field on Form load.


Regards -

Ashok D 

12:33 PM
Geo Targeting by Postal Code

Can you still geo target by postal code in the new Target workflow? Whenever I enter in a Canadian postal code I receive a message saying the "zip code" is invalid. I also no longer see options to geo target by longitude/latitude as a work around - is this no longer available in the new workflow? I tried logging into the old Target workflow and I'm not seeing any geo targeting options to segment on. Does anyone know how to create a campaign that targets at the zip/postal code level in Canada?


03:26 AM
How make a site more visible in the market?

We are working on a newbie dating site. I know that their is great competition on dating sites. But i also know here marketing gurus are sitting. Please guide me. How to give boost to this site??? Every input will be appreciate.


06:50 AM
Is there a way to load Adobe Test & Target data into Tableau for reporting/analysis?

Our team uses Adobe Test & Target to target banner ads at certain “persona groups.” These banner ads are in hundreds of different campaigns. We pull metrics from the tool such as banner impressions and click-thru-rate %s for each of the persona groups for comparison.


As of now, the process is very tedious as we have to pull each number manually from the tool. We’d like to automate the process somehow. Is there a way we can automatically load the T&T data into Tableau for analysis? Ideally, the data would be refreshed and updated from time to time, but if not, even a one-time pull (i.e., one-time data extract) would be great.


As far as I'm concerned, Adobe Target doesn't have any aggregate data reporting option to include metrics for ALL campaigns and metrics for each of the persona groups).

10:18 AM
mboxPC/pcid functionality doesn't appear to work

Hi - we have a test that spans 2 different browsers - the 1st is IE that powers a desktop application and the 2nd is the user's default browser. The test starts inside IE and finishes on the user's 2nd browser. We've read all the documentation that is available (which isn't much) for doing this kind of stuff and we're tried every permutation of setting mBoxSession, mBoxPC and nothing seems to work. At best the functionality seems to work intermittently. When the user's pcID and session ID are matched across browsers I'd expect to see conversion activity attributed to the campaign but it's not.

Anyone on here had experience with this?

Thanks, Richard

06:27 AM
How to optimize my site for search engines

My website URL is & please help me in optimizing these URLs.

05:27 AM
DTM: cookie lifetime for s_fid is 5 years (instead of 2y)


just noticed that the cookie lifetime for s_fid (fall-back visitor id) is 5 years. In documentation its 2 years, which is privacy standard for EU/Germany (24 month):

s_fid=3ED0DFXXXX; expires=Mon, 19 Nov 2018 16:04:18 GMT; path=/;

  • Setting the cookie lifetime in DTM Adobe Analytics seems only to influence the s_vi.
  • Legacy javascript implementation (s_code.js) sets lifetime of s_fid correctly to 2 years, so it seems a bug of DTM?

Any alternatives/ideas to change the cookie lifetime of s_fid in DTM?



07:31 AM
Date Range predicate search problem


I am trying to execute search using date range properties on a particular node, CQ5.5. I have created the XPATH query successfully and is given below:

//element(*, nt:hierarchyNode)


(jcr:contains(jcr:content/@sling:resourceType, 'mohegansun/components/page/eventpromotionsdetailpage') and

jcr:contains(jcr:content/event_par/event/@dropdown, 'promotion ')) and

(((@jcr:content/event_par/event/end >= xs:dateTime('2013-08-26T23:59:59.637Z')) or (@jcr:content/event_par/event/recurrence/rule/until >= xs:dateTime('2013-08-26T23:59:59.637Z'))))

]/rep:excerpt(.) order by jcr:content/event_par/event/@end

(predicate tree):
ROOT=group: limit=6, excerpt=true, offset=6[
    {group=group: or=false, and=true[
        {0_fulltext=fulltext: relPath=jcr:content/@sling:resourceType, fulltext=mohegansun/components/page/eventpromotionsdetailpage}
        {1_fulltext=fulltext: relPath=jcr:content/event_par/event/@dropdown, fulltext=promotion }
    {type=type: type=nt:hierarchyNode}
    {3_group=group: [
        {group=group: or=true[
            {1_path=path: path=/content/poconodowns/en/events-and-promotions/promotions}
    {tags=tagid: tagid=null, property=jcr:content/cq:tags}
    {orderby0=orderby: sort=asc, orderby=@jcr:content/event_par/event/end}
    {6_group=group: [
        {group=group: or=true[
            {0_daterange=daterange: lowerBound=2013-08-26T23:59:59.637Z, property=jcr:content/event_par/event/end, lowerOperation=>=}
            {1_daterange=daterange: lowerBound=2013-08-26T23:59:59.637Z, property=jcr:content/event_par/event/recurrence/rule/until, lowerOperation=>=}

When i am trying to run this query on CRXDE, its giving me correct results. Though if i run it from Query Debugger it doesn't give me any results only provide number of hits and same is the case with java code (QueryBuilder API).

Can anyone please point out what i am doing wrong here?

I have gone through documentation but didnt fully understand its limitations (Does DateRange not support ORing of fields? or it cannot work with path filter predicate at all?)

Any pointers would be helpful.