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11:09 AM
including exeternal jar while creating a bundle using CRXDE

I am reading documentation and it says to use an external jar, just create a libs folder under src and use "Import -> file".  There is no import file option if I right click a folder in crxde.

Here at the "include external jar" step it lists how to include the jar.

Then I read the following documentation:

It says I can copy the jar file and paste it at any node. NOPE, I hit copy on the jar and right click on the libs folder and no option to paste. It also says i can drag and drop, again a NO!

How do I somehow have this jar file moved to the libs folder>

08:41 AM
Hadoop training in chenni

How to create an artistic border?

- Open an image.

- Select a part of the image.

- Image part can be selected by using Rectangular Marquee Tool.

- Add a layer mask in Layer Pallet.

- Select Filter->Brush Strokes-> Sprayed Strokes menu item.

08:36 AM
Best hadoop training chennai

How to install Mask Pro into Adobe Photoshop Element 7.0?

- Mask Pro is a plug-in for Photoshop that performs the task of mask creation from complicated images and reduces the time.

- The left over parts after masking the image are placed later on a different image for creating new scene.

The following are instructions to mask:

1. Navigate onONe Software website.
2. Download the installation program.
3. Double click on the installation file on the desktop.
4. Follow the onscreen wizard instructions.
5. Open Photoshop from All Programs menu.
6. Click on Window->Extensions and choose onOne from the available list of options to launch Mask Pro.

08:31 AM
hadoop training chennai

How to make 3D sphere with Photoshop spin software?

- Launch Adobe Photoshop. 

- Select Blur from Filter Menu item. Click on Radial Blur.

- Select Spin option in the Blur Method section. Increase or decrease the amount of spin by dragging the slider.

- Ensure the value of blurring in the range of 1 to 100.....

07:12 AM
MSBI Online Training in UK

MSBI (SSIS, SSRS, SSAS) Online Training course Classes by SUN IT LABS with experienced Real-time IT professionals. We vigilantly select the world’s top proficient MSBI trainers who are best in their meadow and passionate about the subject matter, which helps techies to learn and explore MSBI to achieve professional goals through advance and most up-to-date modules to give world class training to members.

Some of the MSBI Course topics that covered by our professionals:

What Is Microsoft BI?

1.Core concept – BI is the cube or UDM.
2.Example cube as seen using Excel pivot table.
3.Demonstration of SQL Reporting Services with cube as data source.
4.OLAP Modeling.

Understanding the development environment:

1.Creating Data Sources and Data Source Views.
2.Creating cubes – using the UDM and the Cube Build Wizard.
3.Refining Dimensions and Measures in BIDS.
4.Intermediate SSAS.

And many sub topics are there for more details please go through the website.

Please call us for the Demo Classes we have regular batches and weekend batches.

Contact Number: USA: +1 720-463-3901




01:30 AM
Jcr:modified property is not getting updated for dam documents???

Hi All,

When i try to modify a document's property in dam,its jcr:lastmodified property is not getting updated and retain the old date.Right now the project is in critical case.


Any help in this,will be greatly appreciated..!!waiting for answers!!

12:46 AM
Question regarding query builder API search excluding a path

Hi Sir/Madam,

I have a question regarding the query builder API (

If I have a tree structure as below:

--> Landing
    --> Category 1
       --> Sub Category 1
           - Item 1
           - Item 2
       --> Sub Category 2
           - Item 3

    --> Category 2
       --> Sub Category 1
           - Item 4
           - Item 5

What I need to achieve is by using query builder API:

1. Grab 3 items from a given subcategory

2. If there is less than 3 items in the given subcategory, grab from other subcategory under the same category until I get 3 items.

3. All the items in the list need to be sorted by a date attribute in the Item page properties.


What I can think of is to call the query builder twice:

Step 1. Select 3 items from the given subcategory sorted by date attribute. (No Issue)

Step 2. Check if there are 3 items, if not, get the leftover amount from the parent of the subcategory (which is category), but the problem here is I cannot find a way to exclude the query builder API to retrieve item from the subcategory given in Step 1, so there is a possibility my items in the list will repeat.

Step 3. If step 2 working, re-sort the whole list by date attribute.

So my question is if there a way to exclude the subcategory path in the 2nd search? Or is there a better way to achieve this?

My sample code:

Map<String, String> queryMap = new HashMap<String, String>();
queryMap.put("type", "cq:Page");
queryMap.put("path", subCategory.getPath());

queryMap.put("1_property", "jcr:content/jcr:title"); 
queryMap.put("1_property.operation", "unequals"); 
queryMap.put("1_property.value", currentPage.getTitle()); 

queryMap.put("orderby", "@jcr:content/itemDate");
queryMap.put("orderby.sort", "desc"); 

QueryBuilder queryBuilder = slingRequest.getResourceResolver().adaptTo(QueryBuilder.class);

Session session = slingRequest.getResourceResolver().adaptTo(Session.class);
Query query = queryBuilder.createQuery(PredicateGroup.create(queryMap), session);

SearchResult searchResults = query.getResult();  

for (Hit hit : searchResults.getHits()) 
    Page childPage = pageManager.getPage(hit.getPath());
	if (childPage.isValid()) 




11:01 AM
Exit Links and pages they originate from

A fairly standard request I hope, but one I can't seem to get to work. I need to know which page customers click on exit links. We are using the auto exit link tracking, which, as I understand, cannot be correlated with pagenames due to the way they are handled by the processing servers, where they are "removed" in order to not inflate page views. Since we have a lot of exit links, I do not want to have to manually tag all exit links and set a property, nor modify the s_code..What are my other options? I have tried using processing rules, so that where the pagename is not set, then I "overwrite" a prop with Page Domain + Page Path, which is meant to come from the "current URL" of the hit that is sent. However, it appears that this rule is setting the prop to "/", i.e. the separator for the concatenated value, so it looks like the Page Domain and Page Path cannot be used like this. I do not want to use the full URL, as it will contain lots of individual query parameters that will make it look like the links originate from various different pages.From looking at the hit that is sent (using the debugger), there is not much else I can use.

Has anyone done this without manually tagging all exit links or scripting something in the s_code/app_measurement? 

05:08 AM
Visitor Click Map Plug-in

Hi All,

I am unable to install Visitor Click map, the requirement is to have a firefox browser to install the app.

Currently i have Firefox 34.0. Could some one help me.




11:58 PM

Hello Team,

I need to create EventListener for particular component edit and delete events. How we can i create EventListener for particular component. Please help me do that ...




07:16 AM
How to authenticate user against directory via LDAP in CQ 6

The Problem: We have CQ integrated with the external portal, the portal sends user information i.e. username and authorization token (passsword) in the request headers, this request is for the CQ Publish instance AEM version 6.0. We have to validate the user against client provided LDAP. How we can achieve this ?

Things tried so far : Followed the AEM 6 Docs to configure and connect to LDAP. Next tried login with the directory provided user in CQ, CQ tries to connect and query the user via LDAP request (provided in the config) and fetches and creates the corresponding user in crx, so that the user details are cached and LDAP requests are not fired for the same user when he/she tries to login again. However this user created in CQ has no information for the password i.e no password fetched in ldap request and updated in crx. So the authentication to CQ fails. In short after adding configuration CQ connects directories via LDAP, fetches user details, but doesn't fetches password of that user and this causes authentication to be failed.

Looking for best way to do this. Any alternative approaches are welcome. See below configurations added.

LdapIdentityProvider searchTimeout="60s""***"




01:26 AM
Target Premium: Variation not showing


I created a simple test in Target Premium where I'm just changing the copy and targeted based on a query string parameter.  Although I can see the changes in the visual editor, when I activate the campaign, the variation is not shown either when I click the "verify URL" link in the activity or when I trigger the activity.  Any recommendations on what to do will be greatly appreciated.

Test URL:


01:22 AM
Target Premium: Creating an activity for a carousel


I'm trying to create an activity from a carousel, where the variation would be to show the items of the carousel in a different order.  How can this be done with Target Premium?  I would think that in the visual editor, when you try to edit the HTML, you would see the source under the div, but you don't.  I'm really hitting a wall here, so any help will be greatly appreciated.



07:39 AM
No i18n translations within teasers


We are using the AEM teaser system (experiences, campaigns, segments under cq/personalization). A teaser's content at the end is a parsys filled with custom data. Within this data we are using i18n resource strings with <fmt:message key="some_key" />.

Under my local environment (localhost:4502) the keys are replaced by the translations, like expected.
But on our deployment-targets (e.g. AEM Publisher) the i18n-resources are not translated. Only the resource-keys are displayed, like when the key would be not defined. But is is! All other texts on the page are translated properly. Only within teasers the translation does not work?!

Has anybody an idea? I appreciate every hint!




11:41 PM
Where is Target Data stored ?


I have a client that is exploring Adobe Target at the moment, however one question that came up is where (Data centres, physical boxes holding the data) is the data stored ?

In this context, "Data" is campaign configuration, HTML offer values, campaign results. 

Is there any options to choose where the location of the Data is stored ? 


The reason why I ask is because we have to comply with legal requirements set upon us that any solutions we use needs to be hosted within Australia. 


07:51 AM
Exclude Internet Explorer


does anybody know how can I exclude Internet explorer traffic from a test? I have tried a few things with no success. My latest attempt was to create an expression target which excludes IE Traffic and then use it in a segment. The expression target is this 

return (user.browser.indexOf('MSIE') == -1);

This means users that do not contain "MSIE". So this should work, however I keep getting considered in my demo test.

I would appreciate any hint.

Thank you,


02:32 AM
Geolocation OOTB component



How do i fetch user's location (ie latitude and longitude) inside my jsp?

I have added goelocation component inside client context and used "CQ_Analytics.ClientContextMgr.clientcontext.geolocation.longitude" command to fetch the data, but this passes a null value.




12:45 AM
How to implement site search using AEM 6.0


Could anyone educate me how to implement site search using AEM 6.0 ?

Where we should use internal search of AEM or using external search tool is better and better in what terms ?

Also, if external search engine is recommended then should we push content to search engine or the other way ?


03:33 AM
JasperException - modpredicate.jsp(20,40) equal symbol expected

After installation of the SP1 for AEM and form and in addition the 10 November release feature pack I receive the attached error when selection the "Form"
 option in the main landing page.

02:14 AM

I am trying to merge a PDF and XML to make an interactive PDF document. The next step will be to apply the RE key.

For the merge data I created a standalone JAVA class as a package. The jsp is able to call the package, but I retrieve an error on line 74  doc = outputService.generatePDFOutput(inputPDF, inputXML, option);


Error: (First few lines)


03.11.2014 14:59:40.523 *ERROR* [0:0:0:0:0:0:0:1 [1414997980341] POST /content/ReaderExtensions/ApplyUsageRights.html HTTP/1.1] service: Uncaught SlingException

java.lang.NullPointerException: null
    at apps.readerextensions.components.dummy.readerextensions.mergeData.generatePDFOutput(
    at org.apache.jsp.apps.readerextensions.components.dummy.readerextensions.POST_jsp._jspService(
    at javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service(


02:04 AM
Admin Site pages not working


i have issue can any one help me .

when i opening my webpages through site admin it's  opening .But showing blank page.

if i opened web page through crxde Lite /content page it's working fine .so help me what is the problem in my site admin page.


Thank you




04:25 PM
Users and Groups in AEM Communities

This video shows how to create and manage users and groups in AEM Communities.


04:49 PM
Page forward doesn't happen when the file size is larger than 5 mb

1. I have a form with multipart/form-data which posts to a servlet.

2. The servlet processes the request and forwards to a page.

I have written a custom servlet that extends a SlingAllMethodsServlet.

In the servlet I am checking wether it is a multi part 

                List<File> attachedFiles = new ArrayList<File>();

                Map<String, RequestParameter[]> params = request.getRequestParameterMap();
                Map<String, String[]> parameterMap = null;

                for ( Map.Entry<String, RequestParameter[]> pairs : params.entrySet()) 
                    String key = pairs.getKey();

                    if(key.equals("fileName1") || key.equals("fileName2") || key.equals("fileName3"))
                        RequestParameter[] paramArray = pairs.getValue();
                        if(paramArray != null && paramArray.length > 0)
                            RequestParameter param = paramArray[0];
                            InputStream inputStream = param.getInputStream();

                            if(inputStream.available() != 0)
                                final File tempFile = File.createTempFile(PREFIX, SUFFIX);
                                try (FileOutputStream outputStream = new FileOutputStream(tempFile)) 
                                    IOUtils.copy(inputStream, outputStream);

                                forwardToThankYouPage(request, response, thankYouPagePath);






for some reason the  forwardToThankYouPage does not work when the file size is larger than 1 mb. For files of 100bytes the process run's just fine.

Can some one help me figure out.




02:40 AM
Site Catalyst Integration, need some help on approach


I am newbie to site catalyst world. I am implementing Site Catalyst but the documentation on Site Catalyst isn't quite fulfilling my requirements. We broadly have 3 type of pages and each perform its own function. I have to pass the data of these pages to SiteCatalyst Cloud. In the jcr:node for each page there are references to content items and these references are resolved and then page is rendered.

We are also exposing this page data to other vendors in json feed. I was thinking of creating a service layer which will do all the data manipulation and finally create one object for every page type. Once this object is created, i need to pass this object to Omniture for tracking.

My question is how can i pass a object to omniture for tracking. I am not able to visualize how should i use this object with the site catalyst framework like it is mentioned here.

Also, client has provided a sheet of all the properties with variables like prop1..100 , evar 1..100 . Where will i see those variables and how will i map my object against these variables. If you drag any component on the site catalyst framework it automatically populates the CQ variables. I believe these variables are nothing but what is in page properties/dialog of that component (Correct me if i am wrong), So where do i see prop and evars??  I think these variables will be part of site catalyst variables.

My account isn't connecting to Site Catalyst and hence i have a lot of questions. 



08:14 AM
Top 5 tags associated with most viewed pages??

Hi Team,

I have site catalyst account and also i am able to hook up AEM instance with site catalyst API but i am not able set up a "report" in Site Catalyst what i want to show in the teaser like "top 5 tags associated with most viewed pages".

can anyone  help on site catalyst side how to setup a report ??How to fetch top5 trending topics??if there configuration required??




12:39 PM
Licensing Cost

Hey ,

I want to know about Adobe Analytics, What is the pricing cost for this product and what are the dependencies. ?


Usama Atique