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08:15 PM
AEM6 sidekick is missing from the classic UI

hi, i have new installation of AEM6 with all the content and code updated. but our clients want to stay with old UI with the sidekick there and i found out that if i switch it via the new tool bar to the classic UI, the sidekick is nowhere can be seen and not every component can be edited.

the url is like this. http://xxxx:4502/cf#/content/practice.html

but if i remove the cf# to http://xxxx:4502/content/practice.html

the sidekick shows up and all components are editable again. i wonder why? and is there anyway that i can make the sidekick to show up again on that content edit page?



05:05 PM
Satellite.js breaking links on Mobile devices in DTM

Has anyone experienced problems with mobile device links not working due to satellite.js? Links work fine on a PC browser but all break on mobile devices - by "break" I mean they simply don't work. When we remove satellite.js the links work again. Any advice would be hugely appreciated!

04:50 PM
How to validate OSGi Service properties from webconsole?


I have written a service and added some properties using @Property . While configuring the service from web console, I have to show some user friendly message or some alert to an author if he/she enters more than the allowed items/count(Max count: 5). Is it possible to validate these fields? Pls let me know.



04:26 PM
Sling:mapping node is rewriting to absolute paths

I followed these instructions to setup my multiple domains on AEM:

I noticed that this in fact adds the domain name to my URLs. Which is undesired. Does anyone know how to create sling:mappings to shorten URLs without adding the domain name?

To clarify, what I mean with: it adds the domain name to the links:

When using the setup form above the cached pages on teh dispatcher contain hardcoded absolute links containing the domain name. Rather than relative URLs.

I had a look here as well:

But that document doesn't explain to me how resources starting with /etc and /libs are correctly stored under /docroot/etc or /docroot/libs instead of /docroot/content/site-a/etc and /docroot/content/site-a/libs. If someone can tell me what exactly is doing that, that would be great.

04:17 PM
DTM - Fire Third-Party Pixel Only Once Per Visitor?

I have one DoubleClick tag on several different pages set via DTM. Is it possible to have the tag fire only once per visitor, regardless of how many times a visitor views a page with the DoubleClick tag on it?

Thanks in advance!


03:57 PM

Where and When is training for adobe Social available?



11:59 AM
Scheduled report not delivered

I've scheduled for the "Channel Overview Report" to be emailed daily, but didn't seem to work.  I tried switching out my corp email and replaced it with Gmail and Yahoo Mail and no luck either.

I checked the settings within the Schedule Manager and it seems to be setup correctly.  Does anyone have any ideas or tips?  Is there a Adobe support line I can call? 



11:57 AM
Adaptive forms sample, data model not displaying

I have installed AEM 6.0 quickstart, and also installed the example described here:

I am able to open the adaptive form for edit, however the adaptive form data model tab (on left hand side) is blank, screenshot attached.  Also, there is a warning: "Unable to generate JSON from Template provided in Adaptive Form.  Please see the server logs for more Information".

I couldn't find further information in the logs.

Has anyone had issues using the sample adaptive form described in the link above?


11:52 AM
Adaptive form data model not showing for sample form

I have installed AEM 6.0 quickstart, and trying the example described here:

I am able to open the adaptive form for edit, however the adaptive form data model tab (on left hand side) is blank.  Also, there is a warning: "Unable to generate JSON from Template provided in Adaptive Form.  Please see the server logs for more Information".

I couldn't find the source of the error in the logs.

Has anyone had issues using the sample adaptive form described in the link above?


10:52 AM
contextData variable syntax for javascript and non-javascript implementations

Hi SiteCatalyst experts

I would appreciate if anyone can give me the contextData variable syntax for javascript and non-javascript implementations. I'm aware of the below syntax but not sure if it's for javascript or non-javascript implementation syntax?


contextData variable syntax for javascript and non-javascript implementations


s.contextData['Download Name']="download name";



09:56 AM
More than 5 Tracking Codes with Breakdowns

I'm working with selected (filtered) tracking codes with breakdowns, however it's limited to five (5) codes at a time. Is there a way to increase this to all in order to export? 

Thanks in advanced. 

06:28 AM
AdWords Remarketing Tag - Custom Code in Tagmanager

Hi All,

I am a representative of a media agency and we have an important issue to fix it. We experience huge discrepancy between Omniture and Doubleclick and it covers revenue, orders, clicks everything.... the discrepancy can be more than 80% sometime so it is really huge. It is impossible to reach your support team that`s why i need to use this forum. Please try to contact me and advise what to do.

Thanks a lot.



Oriental Escorts

03:08 AM
How to Externalize and sync Binary Data with multiple Author Instances in AEM 6.0 through TarMK


As per the project requirement, I need to externalize the Binary data store from CRX default repository and also I need to access that external Binary data repository from multiple Author Instances(AEM 6.0). We need to use TarMK as a database.

I am able to externalize the Binary Data repository using "org.apache.jackrabbit.oak.plugins.blob.datastore.FileDataStore.cfg" file. But, I am not able to cluster multiple author instances in TarMK to access this repository. How can I achieve this? Please help!!



Kaustav Majoomder

11:02 PM
Sling Models: Using @Source("child-resources")

I have not been able to get the "child-resources" injector to work within the @Source annotation.

Documentation I am using:

I have tried to use the @Inject with a List<Resources> object. Does anyone have an example of this injector working? The ACS Commons does not have an example of this. My model works when I remove the children code and only get the title.

package com.github.models.models;

import java.util.List;

import javax.inject.Inject;
import javax.inject.Named;


public class Region {
	private String title;
	@Inject @Source("child-resources")
	private List<Resource> children;
	public String getTitle() {
		return title;
	public List<Resource> getChildren() {
		return children;


11:01 AM
How to integrate login module with external user system exposed as RESTful API in AEM 6.0?

I'm researching how to integrate or custom login module in order to work with external user system exposed as RESTful API.

I saw AuthenticationHandler interface but it seems that it only extracts credential from user request. Then build and send the AuthenticationInfo object to CRX login module for authentication & authorization. I stuck in at this point.

Do anyone know a solution for this one in AEM 6.0 ?

thanks and appreciate your help.

12:39 PM
Adobe Social Newsletter for Oct 2014

Check out the October 2014 edition of the Adobe Social Newsletter where we cover:

  • The new Campaign Code Parameters
  • Our new partnership with Bitly
  • What social buzz is saying about this season's lackluster TV shows
  • Ello!
  • And a case study from BET Networks

For more social media news, head on over to our blog.

10:58 AM
DTM - How to use an array for a Data Element?

I'm trying to figure out how to utilize an array in a Data Element using DTM.  Let's say I have the following:

var datalayer = {
    products: [
            sku:'Product 1',
            sku:'Product 2',

Essentially I want to setup a Data Element for the products, and then use this to set the products variable for Site Catalyst.  What is the best way to do this?

Thanks for your time!


02:44 PM
Adding data elements to msbox.js via mboxParameters() function

I want to load some data elements into my mbox.js so that I can access them from every mbox. 

The satellite calls are


The interface doesn't provide a syntax for multiple parameters.

10:23 AM
No Marketing Cloud login means no Target (Standard) login!

Right now the marketing cloud "Customer Portal UI" is down again. Most products can still be accessed via the Legacy Product Logins. However, Adobe Target Standard is inaccessible when the cloud portal is down and there is no legacy login or workaround for accessing it. This means that a considerable amount of highly visible content showing on our site (including always-on Automated Personalization shown to all visitors) cannot be modified, leaving us exposed when we have important/timely promotions that need to be updated (e.g. product launch, key events, etc.). Also, if a content mistake/issue is reported in one of our campaign experiences, we have no way to fix while the cloud portal is down.

What is being done to address this downtime exposure for clients who have embraced the new Target and have multiple campaigns running all the time? Are there other users of Target Standard out there affected in this way by marketing cloud portal downtime/maintenance? (This is the second time in the past month.)

08:38 AM
Displays the results of the survey

Hi, everyone! 

Please help to understand what could be the cause of an incorrect display of survey results
We can see the total number of responses, but it is not shown the number of responses and the percentage for each of the options,

In this case, it show for only one (see atach) 

Thanks in advance for your help!


10:50 AM
How do you document your test results?

Do you have a system that works well for storing all your test results? I've tried;  Excel, Onenote, shared network directories and currently I'm using Jira which is an internal online project management tool. None of these approaches have been perfect and it would be nice to have something more bespoke. I've suggested a "searchable test archive" to Adobe in the "ideas exchange", if you agree - please vote on my idea:

10:22 PM
Social for crisis management?

Looking for creative ways to leverage AS for closely monitor ad-hoc phenomenon and crisis management.

What's the best way to allow users create ad-hoc searches based on random keywords and start doing analysis? Is setting up new buzz report the best way?

05:11 AM
Prepopulation of AEM Form

Hi Folks,

The url details on how to pre-populate the fields of a AEM form, I have a requirement in which the user has to get the query parameter from the url and populate the filed of the form with that query param.

Lets say for example my AEM form is opened with a url such as http://localhost:4502/forms/myaccount.html?productID=HSBCurrentAccount

I need to populate the productID value from the query parameter into a text field in my Form, Note - that my form has a form model (XDP) ref.

For now, I am able to get my query param in my JSP with the code String productID = slingRequest.getParameter("productID");

But I am not able to assign it to the field that I have in my form. I tried with the following jQuery syntax like $('#myFiledInput').value('<%=productID%>'), but in vain

Please let me know if you guys have a way of populating a single field on Form load.


Regards -

Ashok D 

09:42 AM
How to generate custom component that behaves like a panel

Hi Folks, 

I have a requirement, in which I need to generate a custom guide component, that when dragged and dropped into the form panel should create a Communication related fields in the form. is it possible to create such a component like a fragment in Livecycle designer, if yes, how to do the same.


Regards -

Ashok D

06:50 AM
Is there a way to load Adobe Test & Target data into Tableau for reporting/analysis?

Our team uses Adobe Test & Target to target banner ads at certain “persona groups.” These banner ads are in hundreds of different campaigns. We pull metrics from the tool such as banner impressions and click-thru-rate %s for each of the persona groups for comparison.


As of now, the process is very tedious as we have to pull each number manually from the tool. We’d like to automate the process somehow. Is there a way we can automatically load the T&T data into Tableau for analysis? Ideally, the data would be refreshed and updated from time to time, but if not, even a one-time pull (i.e., one-time data extract) would be great.


As far as I'm concerned, Adobe Target doesn't have any aggregate data reporting option to include metrics for ALL campaigns and metrics for each of the persona groups).